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Different ons-splitter on each page

  • Hi,
    is it possible to display a ons-splitter with different “ons-splitter-side” content on different pages?
    What I’d like to achieve is to have the following situation:

    • index.html
      – ons-spliiter-side
      — ons-splitter-side-item A
      — ons-splitter-side-item C
      — etc

    Let’s say “ons-splitter-side-item A” is a link to “different-page.html” where I’d like to display another “ons-splitter-side”.

    • different-page.html
      – ons-spliiter-side
      — ons-splitter-side-item X
      — ons-splitter-side-item Y
      — etc

    I’ve tried to create “different-page.html” with a <ons-splitter><ons-splitter-side>…<ons-splitter-content>…</ons-splitter-side></ons-splitter-content> with its own values but I keep getting the splitter from “index.html”.

    Any suggestion?