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Monaca JQuery Mobile Usage

  • Hello There,

    We are using JQuery Mobile library available as part of Monaca, have the following questions

    1. We used the Memo application sample and built our app on it, $.mobile.changePage takes a lot of time for page transition , has anyone tried to improve the page transition speed. - does Monaca have an in-built libariary for this? like fastclick or so.

    2. We have a feature were we needed drag and drop , so we looked for JS within Monaca , but those were not found , and also used below libraries jquery-ui.min.js and jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js are we good to use them ? are there monaca’s libraries for this?

    3. Can we use cross-walk to provide unique expereince on all mobile platforms - need some info about the web view version within monaca provided cross-walk - does monaca take care of providing the stable web view version?


  • Monaca


    1. That sample app is very old, I suggest to take a look at Onsen’s templates, which are a lot more responsive.

    2. Monaca may not include all the libraries you need, but you are are able to import all the needed libraries into your project. Just add them into Monaca project’s structure.

    3. Actually, Monaca supports crosswalk 1.3.1 but, if you need a higher version, you can just download the latest version of the plugin and import it.