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Super apps like Gojek are readily available in the market

  • Gojek’s legendary status remains untarnished even after the arrival of super apps. Founded in Jakarta and began as a taxi service provider, Gojek has gradually started offering multiple services. People loved the idea of availing multiple services from a single application.

    Gojek provides service under three major categories,

    • Ride
    • Delivery
    • Other services

    Gojek is a great hit among users and is expanding to major countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and it has plans to reach the Indian market.

    After the success of Gojek, many entrepreneurs are interested in launching a similar super-app. And they are looking for the right technology partner for their business. Apps can be built in two ways - either from scratch or customizing an existing application.

    Super apps like Gojek are readily available in the market. There are many companies offering Gojek clone apps that differ in certain parameters like cost, time and features. If you are planning to launch an app like Gojek, make sure to include advanced features in your application and also try to get the app at an affordable price too.

    Some of the advanced features you can include in your app are,
    • Profile
    • Saved address
    • Schedule booking
    • Booking records
    • Pooling