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How You Can Use Uber Clones To Start Your Taxi Business

  • The onslaught of taxi startups like Uber and Ola have changed the way we view cabs. Now, with a few simple taps on the smartphone, one can book a taxi in no time. What’s more, these services offer the customer a variety of customizations at a micro-level, such as setting the car’s AC temperature, type of vehicle, and much more.

    Given the amount of convenience these applications provide, the popularity of on-demand taxi is rising at a geometric pace. This offers a perfect opportunity for businesspersons looking forward to launching their own venture.

    But, one may say that building an application requires knowledge of programming and is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the presence of technology solution partners like Turnkey Town, an entrepreneur’s task is made easy.

    They offer Uber clone solutions that empower entrepreneurs to deploy their platform without any hassles. These clone apps reflect the business model employed by the market leaders and contain dedicated modules for the passenger, driver, admin, and dispatcher.

    Moreover, their solution comes equipped with a number of cutting-edge features such as ride-sharing, GPS-tracking, and much more. A businessperson can also customize Turnkey Town’s solution so as to optimize it for the target region or audience. They house a stellar team of developers who use the latest technologies to build formidable apps.

    Visit Turnkey Town today to build your own ride-hailing business without any hassles. Their solutions are completely white-labeled and are very pocket-friendly.