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ng-controller error when using ons-navigator & ons-slider-menu

  • Hi,

    when bringPageTop(PAGE.HTML) is called. the callback isn’t fired.

    An ons-page element is in the dom but it ios “display:none”.

    This behavior only appear when i use the ng-controller=“PopController” tag.

    Any ideas?

    $(document).on('touchstart', '#menu_angebot_erstellen', function() {
        var options = {
            animation: 'fade',
            animationOptions: {
                duration: 0.2,
                delay: 0
            callback: function() {
            	// do something
        myNavigator.bringPageTop('page.html', options);
    FILE: index.html 
    FILE: view-start.html
    <ons-navigator var="myNavigator">
    FILE: page.html
    <ons-page modifier="create-damage" ng-controller="PopController">
      <div class="navigation-bar">
        <div class="navigation-bar__left">
        <div class="navigation-bar__center navigation-bar__title" id="view_listing_detail_toolbar">Übersicht</div> 

  • Onsen UI

    @mentizm Hello! Which Onsen UI version are you using?

  • Beta 10 Version

  • Onsen UI

    @mentizm I cannot reproduce this behavior, could you make a simple example in Codepen that we can test?