React vs Angular 2 with Onsen

  • I am starting to write few new app and was exploring about the JS framework to proceed. I am relatively new to both React and Angular2. I have not yet used onsen2 but obviously that is going to be my choice. Just wondering if Onsen team has got feedback from users about both the JS frameworks that which is more seamless with Onsen framework. Also if there is any plan to stop support/research for either react/angular framework.

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    @ankush Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy using Onsen UI :)

    If you are new to React and Angular2, why don’t you choose something you are more familiar with? Onsen UI works perfectly with Vanilla JS or jQuery and is probably be much simpler.

    We are preparing right now Onsen UI extensions for Angular 2 and React that will make everything easier for developers. You can read about React extension here. The Angular 2 one will also be released soon. Since we are just releasing these extension now we haven’t got enough feedback yet, but I believe everyone will like it :)

  • @Fran-Diox Trust me i will be interested, Angular 2 is on my to know list. Already getting with the program on TypeScript

  • @Fran-Diox Do you have any idea when the Angular 2 bindings will be available? Because I read “soon” for several months now (no harm meant). Let me cite you: “Those bindings should make possible to use OnsenUI and Angular2 together easily. It should be ready in few weeks (possibly more than 1 month). – Fran Dios Jan 29 at 8:20” (Guessing Fran Dios on Stack Overflow is you ;-) ).

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    @letmejustfixthat Yes, it’s me. I’m not the one developing that extension so I only say what I see in the commits. However, looks like some troubles appeared and the extension had to be changed almost completely. In order to avoid the same situation again, please check the commits and PRs by yourself if you want to know how is the progress of this extension :sweat_smile:

  • Why not Ember?

    You can learn quickly with below links. and

    Onsen2 works with ember


    Sample Code:

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