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Wonders Of Bhutan

  • Visit one of the most remote countries in the world.
    Enjoy a meeting and lecture with a monk about Buddhist culture in Bhutan.
    Learn how to cook ema datshi (chili cheese) with a local farm family.
    Hike along peaceful nature trails and thrilling cliffs.

    Starting and ending in Paro, the Wonders Of Bhutan tour is a guided hiking trip that takes 10 days. You will travel through Paro, Gangtey Gonpa and Thimphu in Bhutan. Wonders Of Bhutan is a small group tour which includes accommodation, transport, meals and others.

    Find out what lights up the faces of the residents of Bhutan, the only country in the world that measures its well-being in GNH — Gross National Happiness. On a 10-day adventure across this bastion of Buddhist culture, explore remote mountain villages and shrines and climb magnificent heights to the cliff-side Taktsang Monastery, 900 metres (2,953 feet) above the valley floor. Amid the soaring peaks and cultural delights of this ancient place, discover your own capacity for happiness.
    There are some amazing Himalayas in Bhutan. And especially with Bhutan’s notably rich history of hospitality, it can be an incredible way to experience Bhutan. Plus it is great way to get tourist dollar straight to rural communities. Rather than to corporate hotel, restaurant, rafting, trekking etc. more info visit at: