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Multiple services app for all possible needs, everytime!

  • Ever wondered why people love supermarket, one word, convenience. By getting almost everything, ranging between groceries, hardware to even clothes, supermarkets are the go-to place for people. However, are we really talking about supermarkets? Well, not really.

    The idea of convenience gave rise to multi-services solutions. GoJek started in 2010 with a small fleet of 20 drivers, now exceed 1 million drivers as of May 2018. The simple app caters to all requirements including taxi, food & grocery delivery, courier & medicine delivery, house cleaning & massage, & other services.

    How is this even possible?

    Yes, it is. By integrating a plethora of services, the leading on-demand app for all services can cater to any requirements, anytime. One app offers users with simplified user-interface coupled with easy to access features. Moreover, the app is available on both the iOS App Store and Android ‘Google’ play store.

    Can I start a business with an App like Gojek?

    Yes, indeed, you can. However, do remember, you need to partner with a trusted app development organization with the right infrastructure and technical know-how to help build the perfect Gojek clone app.