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Quick Script for Social Sharing and app Availability

  • Are you looking for a way to promote your applications?
    We’ll need two Plugins:

    <ons-col class="action-col" onclick="checkFacebook();">
    <div class="action-icon"><ons-icon icon="fa-facebook"></ons-icon></div>
    <div class="action-label"> Facebook</div>
            function checkFacebook() {
                    'com.facebook.katana', // Package Name
                    function () {           // Success callback
                        window.plugins.socialsharing.shareViaFacebook(' your message here', null /* img */, '' /* url */, function () { console.log('share ok') }, function (errormsg) { alert(errormsg) })
                    function () {           // Error callback
                            message: 'facebook is not installed. Do you want to install?',
                            title: 'Facebook unavailable',
                            buttonLabels: ['Yes', 'No'],
                            animation: 'slide',
                            primaryButtonIndex: 1,
                            cancelable: false,
                            callback: function (index) {
                                if (index == 0) {
                          '', '_system')
                                } else if (index == 1) {

  • Monaca

    @Leonardo-Augusto thank you for sharing this quick but useful example!

  • @Leonardo-Augusto Awesome sample! I can definitely use it on some projects.

  • Thanks guys :relaxed:
    It came after a great problem here: i have on my apps a similar command , but when i don’t have an app , the user receives a message with the available packages. It’s not good! So , now i can show a better message.