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DESPERATE – Webapp based on OnsenUI and company website based on Wordpress

  • I have a webapp that I created using OnsenUI and hosted on AWS. My company website is based on WordPress and now I would like to combine the two, if you will, to use one domain. That would require me to somehow transfer my webapp, if possible, or at least the html files and all required libraries/files (CSS, JS, etc.) to my WordPress site - NOT replacing current Wordpress site, just wanting to add the webapp as a page. The motivation behind moving the webapp to WordPress is so that I am able to implement a paywall. Any suggestions? I’ve never programmed in PHP and overall still a novice with WordPress. Please help, pretty much at end of rope.

    Posted this in - they suggested to post here and get support for “how to use it to front-end a “headless” WP site”???

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    I’m not that familiar with WordPress, but basically you should be able to do a straight copy of your Onsen UI source files into WordPress just like you would add any other HTML to a WordPress site.

    So if you make the paywall on your site and then make the page after the paywall show some dummy HTML, then you should be able to paste your Onsen UI app into the place where the dummy HTML is and have everything working fine.