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Can I disable automatic 1st page display to initialize manually?

  • I’m using JQuery and the latest version of Onsen. When the user first starts the APP, I’m checking stored data to see if I have their account information, and if so, I want to direct them to the logged in content of my APP, otherwise I want to call the login page. The problem is, I am waiting for a promise to return the stored user data asynchronously, and so the initial page/DOM will render before I can decide which page to open first. As it stands right now, the login form appears then immediately there’s a page transition when it opens the logged in content pages.

    So basically I would like to control the starting page of the APP when "I"m am ready to show it, probably a few microseconds delay while I wait for the promise. I can’t see a way to do this in the documentation.

    Please advise…