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How to add Comma separated Thousands to Number Input?

  • I’d like to add comma separated thousands to number input tag in hybrid app.
    How can i implement it?

  • @wann2 The best way in my experience is to use localString. Here are some examples:

    var number = 1557564534;

    There are options for currency:

    var number = 1234567.22
    number.toLocaleString("en-US",{style:"currency", currency:"USD"});

    All the options can be found here:

  • @munsterlander said:


    Thanks a lot for information. It is helpful.

    May I ask you one more thing?
    I’d like to implement the comma separated thousands when I input numbers inside INPUT tag or after input numbers.
    In web, i used keyup or blur event, but in hybrid it doesn;t work.

  • @wann2 I am making an example:

    function formatValue(){
       var x = Number(document.getElementById('myText').value);
       document.getElementById('myText2').value = x.toLocaleString();
    <input type="text" id="myText" oninput="formatValue()" />
    <input type="text" id="myText2"  />

    This works, but if you are changing it on the same input as a person is typing, it throws an error due to the non-numeric characters. You would need to remove those items first or change the event to something like onblur.

    function formatValue(){
       var x = Number(document.getElementById('myText').value);
       document.getElementById('myText').value = x.toLocaleString();
    <input type="text" id="myText" onblur="formatValue()" />

    Either way, in the start of the function there definitely should be a sanitizing component to strip non-numeric characters.

  • Wonderful! It works. Thanks a lot.