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Double markup for checkboxs

  • Hi,

    I got 2 checkboxes, but when I do a getElementByName everything is shown duplicated in the dom. Is it its normal behaviour of the frame or am i missing something?


    <ons-list-item tappable id=‘perro’>
    <label class=“left”>
    <ons-checkbox input-id=“check-1” name=‘culo’></ons-checkbox>
    <label for=“check-1” class=“center”>
    <ons-list-item tappable>
    <label class=“left”>
    <ons-checkbox input-id=“check-2” name=‘culo’></ons-checkbox>
    <label for=“check-2” class=“center”>


    0: ons-checkbox.checkbox
    1: input#check-1.checkbox__input
    2: ons-checkbox.checkbox
    3: input#check-2.checkbox__input
    length: 4

  • It’s normal, because you will have one ons-checkbox with input type checkbox inside, so, what you can do is :

    // get inputs type checkbox with attribute **name** values equals **culo**

    or just

    // get inputs with attribute **name** values equals **culo**