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Ons Tabbar multiple active on iPhone 8

  • The tabbar is working well on Android, web, iPad and older iPhones. However, on iPhone 8 I discover that when switching to a tab, the previous tab is not deactivated and I see a split screen of both tabs. Pressing the next tab then has 3 active tabs.

    On the postchange I notice that the event.index is the correct one pressed, but getActiveTabIndex() shows the previous tab index.

    Furthermore if I then log all tabbar__items that are active I find them all active.

    activeItems = document.getElementsByClassName(“tabbar__item active”);
    for(i=0; i<activeItems.length; i++){
    console.log(“ACTIVE:” + activeItems[i].getAttribute(‘page’));

    Using Onsen 2.10.8

    I have tried forcing the correct index with setActiveTab in the postchange if the event.index does not match the activeTab - this does not seem to work either (I guess it’s the same function called on click of the tab).

    So far only discovered on iPhone 8

    Any suggestions?

  • @hebbs

    I bypassed the issue for now by adding screen.orientation.lock(“portrait”) for that device type…