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How to configure SSL ?

  • Dears please help to configure SSL in Monaca app ! Any link or sample - I have server with ssl encryption and now I need to connect it using Onsen/monaca app.

  • Monaca

    Do you have a valid signed certificate or you are using a self-signed SSL certificate?

  • Dear Andi, I have a valid signed certificate.

  • Monaca

    Then you can probably set your secure connections using some Cordova plugins like:

  • Dear,

    Are you sure that SSL is a problem in your app ?

    Can you access data or content without SLL and then if you activate it’s broken ? If you can access without SSL, maybe some part of your data are not transfert with SSL (and then transferts could be stopped by webview.

    Can you access data or content with built-in app navigator app on your device (safari, or whatever) ? If yes, it should work without any modification.

    Same question with a desktop navigator, wich can give you more information for debug.

    Can you provide your SSL URI, so maybe we can check it or test it ?