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bringPageTop and state of the app

  • Hi,

    i have a player in the app. From the home page by pushpage when i go to the player page and play a song and come back to the home page and on revisiting the player page it reloads which loose the state of the player and selection goes away the song whihc was playing.

    I have checked that if i use “bringPageTop” it can be achived. On using this function im getting an error “incorrect state of pageMap”.

    onclick=“fn.bringPageTop ({‘id’: ‘./pages/mind-tracks.html’, ‘title’: ‘Mind Tracks’}, ‘slide’);”

    window.fn.bringPageTop = function (page, anim) {

    if (anim) {
    document.getElementById(‘myNavigator’).bringPageTop(, { animation: anim, data: { title: page.title } });
    //document.getElementById(‘title’).innerHTML = page.title;

    } else {
    document.getElementById(‘myNavigator’).bringPageTop(, { data: { title: page.title } });
    //document.getElementById(‘title’).innerHTML = page.title; this.querySelector(‘ons-toolbar’).textContent =;

  • Please let me know 1 thing that how a page which is already been opened should not run again if it is visited again.

    I have a function which runs on init page and shows the tracks but as it is running again it loses the selection of the song which was playing.

    Please help.

  • administrators

    bringPageTop is currently broken but there is a fix being worked on for it. See here for details:

    davidhealey created this issue in OnsenUI/OnsenUI

    closed Tabbar checkbox label issue #2604

  • @emccorson
    Thanks for your reply but can you please tell me how a page can be stopped to run again. the problem I’m facing is that it loses the state which the player was in.

    Any work around to this problem will be a big help.

  • i have seen that if i use tab the page doesnot reload but is there any other process how i can achieve this…

  • administrators

    bringPageTop will solve your problem once we have fixed the bug that I linked to. We are working on a fix for bringPageTop that should be out at the end of this month.

    I think you have correctly identified a workaround though, by using ons-tab. You can set ons-tabbar to hidden like so:

    <ons-tabbar hide-tabs>...</ons-tabbar>

    Then you can call setActiveTab to move to the player tab. In effect this is the same as using ons-navigator and bringPageTop.

  • @emccorson Many thanks I’ll try to hide as you have mentioned. But, please can you let me know if bringPageTop is fixed. I’m not in a hurry to finish the project.