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Weather App Language Support

  • Hello guys and Monaca Team @Fran-Diox @argelius @Andi

    I’m building an app with Open Wheater API like this >>

    Do u knows if there’s support to another languages ? Like Lang ="PT_BR’
    Example : In code below i have metric to set Celcius , the Longitude and Latidude …

      url: '' + -29.3797216 + '&lon=' + -50.9014878 + '&units=metric&appid=****',

    I’d like to change the text below : Clouds , Rain …


  • Solved Here

      url: ''*********',

    The problems was other thing

    $(’.weather-text’).html([0].main); … returns Clouds in english
    $(’.weather-text’).html([0].description); … Description returns the text in the current language. Portuguese!

    But during the “process” i have found an error in OpenWheater multilingual support . i’ve sent an email for them!

  • Monaca

    @Leonardo-Augusto I’m glad you were able to solve it! :)