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Problem uploading to App Store in LocalKit

  • Message from Monaca while trying to upload to Apple Store:

    We attempted to submit your application to App Store Connect, but had failed due to the following reason:

    Error publishing to App Store.

    Please correct the issue described above and try again.

  • After some investigation the problem was, in my situation, that if you had your AppleID setup for two factor authentication, Apple is now requiring an app specific password to be used with Xcode and Application Loader since this new iTunes Connect upgrade. Neither tool will take your regular AppleID password on the account under preferences anymore.

    The information on how to add such passwords onto your AppleID account is at this Apple support link Setup application specific passwords for an AppleID

    Once I used the app-specific password instead of my AppleID password, Xcode 7.1.1 and Application Loader 3.1 was happy and completed my archive validation and export and submission for TestFlight as usual.