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uploading Provisioning profile again?

  • How to upload Provisioning profile cert again when I build release ipa file?

    I’ve rebuild a new provisioning profile from apple, due to the enterprise license. Now I would like to upload this new .mobileprovision to build ipa. Monaca seems to disable File upload icon. How can I do? Thanks0_1459998807354_provision.PNG

  • Monaca

    @亞東醫院 please try to refresh the page and see if the option to upload the provisioning file appears. It’s actually a bug of the UI, we are working to solve it.

  • Hi Andi

    Even though, the browser button is likely disabled, I still can click on it. My mistake. coz, I didn’t see the button on my another PC, it should be the monitor brightness problem.

    thanks for your reply.

  • Monaca

    @亞東醫院 I’m glad you were able to solve the issue! I don’t think it was a problem of your monitor’s brightness. We have recently changed our build interface and there are still some things we need to fix :)