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The app build has generics-default icon only

  • Hello, when I build the app on remote builder, I do upload app icon all sizes, but when I create and upload the app to the app store or the the play store, both versions have only generic icon (the default icon which is there for apps which do no have any icon setup) what I’m doing wrong? Is it because I’m on trial version of monaca?

  • @99electronic I made another build android and iOS both with all sizes of icon uploaded as they should be and when I create the apk an iOS file and install them, both but each of them has following icon as app on the device:
    0_1543790761488_2f958ba0-f522-4c9a-b510-0e7a86b77bfb-Messages Image(2911135303).png /var/folders/gj/02mqsh9d6bjcq5gk44_nkw840000gn/T/ Image(2911135303).png

    could anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong? This is becoming to be a problem making me to select different service. I had no problem with ionic creator and start developing on monaca onsen-ui because I like it more than ionic creator, a lot more, but I can not use it unless the builder builds the file with custom icon.