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onsen ui Carousel inside a ons-modal?

  • Hello,

    I have an issue with ons-carousel inside a ons-modal.

    there is nothing special about this. All i need is to put a carousel inside a modal.

    My Carousel items have images in them and in total I have 14 carousel items.

    But when i view my modal, the carousel items are not visible.

    When I reduce the carousel items to around 3, they become visible again!

    This is very strange and frustrating.

    My markup looks like this:

    <ons-modal id=“modalIntrol”>

    <ons-carousel fullscreen swipeable auto-scroll id="carousel">
          <ons-carousel-item class="blueCaresoulItem">
            <img src="images/lets.png" >

    any help would be appreciated.