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Monaca upload command extremely slow.

  • I’m using Monaca CLI v3.0.2, and this step takes very long time to finish:

    Reading Local Files...
    Reading Remote Files...
    Reading Local Files [Calculating File Checksum]
    Reading Local Files [FINISHED]
    => * THIS STEP * <=

    Anyone has any clue what could be the underlying cause?
    To disregard the usual suspects:

    • Internet is stable (tested on a server and locally both)
    • It’s not most likely a problem with 3.0.2, as it was working just fine before and suddenly started to get like this.

  • Monaca

    @j4hangir I tested monaca upload command on Monaca CLI 3.0.2. I uploaded a new project (119MB) to Monaca Cloud and it took about 100 seconds. I made some changes to project files and uploaded again. It took about 30 seconds.

    How big is your project? Is it a normal Cordova or transpilable projects? We can help looking at your project and see what might be the causes.

  • The project is about 12MB, it’s transpilable but that step doesn’t take much time.

    As I’ve emphasized, please look at the exact step that I mentioned, only that step takes the longest time - somewhere around 5 minutes - and it seems to be related about Monaca servers.

    I don’t know if you have access to my projects? If so, you can look into the project named voteNconnect.

  • Monaca

    @j4hangir I imported your project and tested the monaca upload command. The reason why it took so long to upload your project is because of your plugins’ files. You have 17 plugins in the plugins folder which are not even used in your project. You don’t need to store these plugins’ files in your project when you are importing them via their package names as configured in package.json file. Therefore, just remove them. Your project will be uploaded much faster without them. And yes your project will still be working as usual.

  • @khemry That indeed resolves the delay, however how’s that not a bug? The content of Plugins folder should be just like other files, be compared and uploaded when necessary, why’s it taking so much time when they’re there?

    How did you derive the conclusion that most plugins aren’t being used? Two or three are being experimented with and the rest are used.