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Adding `cordova.plugins.notification.local`

  • I am working on adding this plugin cordova-plugin-local-notification from, I’ve even created a fresh simple project, but it’s impossible to use it.

    The given project seems to have all the right and compatible structure with other cordova plugins, and it exports itself as the following:

    <js-module src="www/local-notification.js" name="LocalNotification">
            <clobbers target="cordova.plugins.notification.local" />

    Yet cordova.plugins.notification.local - after deviceready is undefined in runtime (iOS).

  • Monaca

    @j4hangir How did you test the project? If you are using Monaca Debugger, please make sure to use custom built Monaca debugger (build from IDE). The store-version Monaca Debugger (from AppStore/Google Play) doesn’t contain any 3rd party Cordova plugins besides core Cordova plugin.

  • Thank you, the problem was due to not compiling a Monaca Debugger.