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Android debug build

  • Hi,
    when use android debug build apk is ok and procede to install in my phone with debugging mode enabled. But when procede to upgrade after rebuild my app in the phone obtain:
    Android App Not Install. An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.
    In Monaca Coud IDE can not decide a keystore that only serves for the release. Probably the keystore changes when I debug build and then I get this error. Until recently it was not so, perhaps the first compilation in debug Manaca created and stored the keystore for debugging always using that, perhaps now every time you debug the debug keystore changes and generates this error. How to solve?

  • Monaca

    @flavio For Android debug and custom debugger builds, a dummy keystore is used. The keystore is always the same. When you got the error Android App Not Install..., did you try to install two different types of builds (debug & custom debugger) on the same device? Normally, if you try to install the same build, there should not be such error.