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How to move header tab when swipe ons-tab

  • How to move header tab when swipe content tab. Please help me.

    <ons-tabbar swipeable animation="none" var="negotiation_tabbar" position="top" id="negotiation_detail_tabbar">
          <ons-tab label="内容" page="negotiation/detail/content.html"></ons-tab>
          <ons-tab label="コメント" page="negotiation/detail/comment.html"></ons-tab>
          <ons-tab label="通知先" page="negotiation/detail/notice.html"></ons-tab>
          <ons-tab label="案件" page="negotiation/detail/project.html"></ons-tab>
          <ons-tab label="館" page="negotiation/detail/building.html"></ons-tab>
          <ons-tab label="関連商談" page="negotiation/detail/relation.html"></ons-tab>

    0_1536573504817_Capture1.JPG 0_1536573510201_Capture2.JPG