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ons-select not firing change event

  • I’m using the javascript version.

    The select appears to be declared properly (is displayed as expected in the browser, chrome) but when an option is changed the onchange event is never fired.

          <ons-row id="ph-row">
              <ons-col style="padding: 10px;">
                  <div class="label">Swap with</div>
                  <ons-select id="ddlSwapWith" onchange="ddlSwapWithChange(event)">
                      <option value="0">select...</option>

    There are no errors or any other signs of an issue in the js console.

    The other events in the app appear to be working so I’m not sure what the deal is.

    The app structure (housed in the js directory):
    * html directory housing views (where select is defined)
    * app.js (where event funtions are defined)
    * controllers.js
    * services.js

  • @willcarenow

    This works:

    May be your js file is not linked or the function is not declared properly. I suggest you create a CodePen to show the issue.