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handle oauth Auth0 callback in onsen react

  • I am using Onsen React and Auth0 to provide authentication. My Login component prompts user to auth to google via Auth0 and I see the token on the callback url - http://localhost:3000/callback#access_token=eyJ0

    I do not see an easy way to get navigator to catch this and process it with the rest of Auth0’s code for parsing the URL hash data. However, I was able to detect that my Login componentDidMount and in there take window.location.pathname and split the token off of that. But it feels like there is probably a better way.

    Also, from within that function, I am not able to redirect to another page using: this.props.navigator.resetPage(getRoute(‘apptabbar’));
    I get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_isRunning’ of null
    at Navigator.isRunning (react-onsenui.js:3006)

    Any help appreciated.