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Onsen + Angular with "ons-select" on change

  • Hi everyone, i’m new with OnsenUI and have a very poor experience with angular in general.
    I’m trying to develop a select-option template that catches data from my server and populate a list based on selected option value. Here it is my code:

    <ons-select id="selectValue" [(ngModel)]="selectedValue" [attr.item]="selectedValue">
       <option *ngFor="let item of valuesList" [value]="item">
             {{ }}

    I would like to put data that are inside “selectedValue” model into an “ons-list”:

    <ons-list-item style="padding-left: 0px" *ngFor="let item of selectedValue">

    If you need more information to give me help, ask here… i will edit this message with new information. Hope everything is clear and that someone can help me.