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ons-button goes not trigger when ons-input is on focus with keyboard

  • Hi,

    I have a form with various fields and a button at the bottom.
    When i focus on a ons-input with type=“text” the keyboard shows like expected and type some text.
    I then scroll down the page to my ons-button to button (keyboard is still showing).
    When I tap the ons-button the keyboard hides but the button does not action. I have to then tap the button again to action.
    When I do the same but from a ons-input with type password, email, tel, number it works.
    It also works from a standard html input.

    I have tried on 3 different android devices including an android emulator. Each device running a different version of android.

    I hope someone can assist.

  • I have managed to resolve the issue.
    It turned out to be an issue with the soft keyboard.
    link below.