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Please review pricing structure

  • Could the pricing structure be reviewed as it makes no sense at the moment.
    I’m not primarily an app developer, but I do create them from time to time for my clients as extension of other projects. I have a Pro licence which covers everything I’ve needed so far.
    However I took a project last week which looked great and I was evangelizing Monaca to client, when I discovered the app uses the in-app purchase plugin - that is not in the plugins available in the Pro version.
    To get access to that I have to upgrade to Business, which is a jump from $200 to $700 pa - JUST TO GET ONE PLUGIN. This simply isn’t worth it to me - so I removed the project, loaded up Phonegap, and went elsewhere.
    PLEASE could you consider either enabling Cordova plugins in the Pro version, or even a Pro plus version at maybe $300 pa. I’d jump at either, but as it stands a 250% increase to get one plugin is ridiculous and discourages the serious but not exclusive app developer

  • Monaca

    @cruachan Thank you for your feedback regarding the requirement for using Monaca Power plugins. I understand your situation and I will pass this to our team to see if there is anything we could do about this. Thank you so much.

  • @khemry, also pass on to your team that source encryption plugin should be available free of charge with all paid versions. Source code encryption should be a standard feature and the cost you ask for is way out of reach for single developers! Generated APK files are not secure!
    By making it available for free, you will add more value to your platform and may attract new developers.

  • @khemry So I’m running development fine for the project in Visual Studio. It’s not anywhere nice a Monaca but I save $500.

    You’ve also potentially lost sales. I picked the project up for an overstretched app developer studio with 4 or 5 developers. If I had been able to use Monaca then they’d have seen the app running in the debugger by way of demonstration. As it is, they won’t.

    The ability to run all plugins - or at least many more of the common ones such as encryption and purchase - should be standard with all paid versions. It may seem like you’re forcing people to upgrade, but with your current price structure they’ll just go elsewhere. It’s not like anyone has to develop in Monaca, there’s plenty of alternatives - but what you do have is very sleek. Just not $500 pa worth of sleek.