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Vertical Onsen (Ons-Splitter) Control

  • We already have the great onsen splitter control for a left nav on our mobile page. However, we also have need for a top <–> bottom navigation. (splitter)
    Monaca support mentioned that Onsen does not as of yet have this functionality.

    1. Does anyone know when this feature might be implemented ?
    2. From many of my mobile developer colleagues, this is a “must have”. Could this already be in some beta release ?
    3. Is there any other plug-in available which does the same thing ?
      We have already tried jquery.touchSwipe.min.js which works but doesn’t have the same look and feel as the onsen splitter control.

    Please advise



  • I am experiencing the same issue as well and also have a need for this vertical Ons-Splitter Control.

    Unfortunately I dont know another work around and is significantly impacting our user experience on the mobile app.

    When will this feature be available?