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Storing and retrieving navigator page stack

  • Hi all,

    Is there a (simple) way in onsen.ui 2 to store the navigator page stack and reopen/rebuild it on a next visit?

    We have a mobile web app with quite a few page’s in it. people have to navigate thru a few menu’s/pages to get to the information they are looking for. I would like to somehow store their navigator page stack. So when they go away and later revisit the app, i can retrieve the stack and reopen the pages. to bring them back to the page they last visited.

    Since the page stack is being held in a navigator during the use of the app, I think it should be possible to somehow store it and use this to rebuild it on next visit. Storing data on local storage and detecting a next visit isn’t the problem. But I haven’t found a way (yet) to store/rebuild the page stack.

    Is there someone who can help or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance,