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How to not init every times when change anothor tab from ons-tab

  • When i change tab then init again. Pleas help me.


    <ons-page ng-controller="NegotiationDetailController as negotiationController" ons-show="negotiationController.init()">
    <ons-tabbar swipeable var="negotiation_tabbar" position="top">
        <ons-tab id="negotiation-content-tab0" label="CONTENT" page="negotiation/detail/content.html"></ons-tab>
        <ons-tab id="negotiation-content-tab1" label="COMMENT" page="negotiation/detail/comment.html"></ons-tab>
        <ons-tab id="negotiation-content-tab2" label="NOTICE" page="negotiation/detail/notice.html"></ons-tab>


        <ons-list-item id="schedule_date_area">
          <div class="project-list-item">
              <div class="project-list-title-area-wrap">Time</div>
              <div class="project-list-item-area">
                <input class="form-control" name="schedule_date" id="schedule_date">
                  <input name="schedule_start_time" type="time" value="09:00" style="width: 45%" id="schedule_start_time" type="text">
                  <input name="schedule_end_time" type="time" value="10:00" style="width: 45%" id="schedule_end_time" type="text">
              <div id="schedule"></div>


    use strict';
        .controller('NegotiationDetailController', function(NegotiationFormBase, NegotiationDetailService, $scope, $timeout) {
            this.init = function() {
                var id = navigationManager.getNavigationObject();
                NegotiationDetailService.initData(id, $scope, $timeout);
                NegotiationDetailService.initRelatedNegotiation(id, $scope, $timeout);

  • administrators

    The problem is you are using ons-show here:

    <ons-page ng-controller="NegotiationDetailController as negotiationController" ons-show="negotiationController.init()">

    This will call init every time there is a show event i.e. every time the tab is changed.

    I think replacing ons-show with ons-init should fix your problem in this case. If not, take a look at the various ons- attributes for page and tabbar: