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Global "busy" indicator?

  • Is there a “global” mechanism by which to display a “busy” overlay during network or general “modal” situations? I’d rather not have to instantiate it on each page. For example, it would be nice to include a component in App.js and have it display or hide based on state. But this doesn’t appear to work.

  • Onsen UI

    Onsen UI doesn’t have a specific element for scenarios like that. The presentation of a network request’s status can change from page to page, so it’s not advisable to have a global one. I’d suggest trying to implement this on a per-page level, which would be more user-friendly.

  • Yeah @asialgearoid that’s what I’ll probably have to end up doing. I was hoping to simply have a “global” component on the in the main vue file and v-if it up as needed via state. Importing and displaying something on a per page basis is going to get tedious. Thanks for the input.