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Have not received an activation mail at Monaca registration.

  • Ok, so this is very anoying. I had registered a few days ago with one of my mails via the CLI.
    The prompt got stuck saying that it was awaiting a registration confirmation or so.
    As nothing was happening i CTRL+C the whole process.

    Then i went to the Monaca website and tried to login. It works.
    But as soon as i go to “Manage my account” i am send to
    with a button saying “Resend Activation E-Mail”.
    After pressing this button, i get a conviramtion “Email has been sent again” - but i do not receive the mail :(
    I checked my spam folder and trash, but nothing in there.

    I am on Chrome and Windows 10

    Can anyone check if the activation mail is realy working?
    Thanks and have a great sunday,

  • Monaca

    Usually, this issue is related to user’s side configuration. If you haven’t received it, please check the following options:

    1. check your SPAM box, just in case it may end up in there.
    2. check the settings of your mail server and mail software.

    If the above options are still not working for you, please use a different email.

  • @khemry Thanks, but i have checked everything. I can receive mails at the mail that i registered with.
    I think that - for whatever reason - breaking the CLI process set something within the DB of the website.
    I mean, i can login with my mail and the chosen password, what means that i do exist inside the onsen DB.

    So to me , it looks like within the Onsen activation-script must be something wrong.
    I mean, could an admin just check the log file if the mail has been sent out?

    For me it’s absolutely no problem to register with a new mail, but

    1. this would put in doubt the “forgot your password?” action below the login button.
    2. The DB might be full of trash users that did register but could not activate their account.


  • Monaca

    @qroft In your original question, you mentioned the activation issue with Monaca. But in your latest reply, you mentioned the issue with Onsen UI. So which service that you are having the issue with? Onsen UI? Monaca? Or both? Please tell me your email, so I can manually check its status.