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How to install phonegap-push-plugin 2.0.0 in monaca with cordova-android version 6.2.0

  • I was using phonegap-plugin-push v1.x.x which was working perfectly in monaca project with onsen-ui v1 and angularJS v1.x.x.
    But when I updated the phonegap-plugin-push to v2.0.0 and migrated the google console project to Firebase Console and added the generated google-service.json file to the root folder of the monaca project the PushNotification.init({… function stopped working.

    I added the snippets also in the config.xml as documented in the phonegap-plugin-push installation :

      <platform name="android">
        <resource-file src="google-services.json" target="google-services.json" />

    I generated custom debugger but it said :
    “This following plugins are not included in the debugger phonegap-plugin-push

    So I added the below code to find what went wrong while initialising the plugin :

              var push = PushNotification.init({
                  android: {
                  browser: {
                      pushServiceURL: ''
                  ios: {
                      alert: "true",
                      badge: "true",
                      sound: "true"
                  windows: {}
              push.on('registration', function(data) {
                  $rootScope.REGISTER_TOKEN = data.registrationId;
                  alert(Your token is : '+$rootScope.REGISTER_TOKEN);                

    But got an alert just saying ERROR and nothing else.

    What is wrong in the installation process or code? Please help.

  • Monaca

    @raj-wilson This error is caused by the fact the plugin is failed to include in Monaca Debugger. Which version of the phonegap-plugin-push plugin are you using? The latest version (2.2.3) is currently not working with Monaca. Please use 2.1.3 version or lower.

  • I switched over to (version 1.11.1) and fallowed the installation as said in, but in vain.
    nothing happened, not even var push = PushNotification.init({.... or push.on('registration'... does not respond anything.

    I have tested the plugin with both config.xml patterns :
    with project id :

    <plugin name="phonegap-plugin-push" spec="1.6.0">
        <param name="SENDER_ID" value="XXXXXXX" />

    with fcm id :

    <plugin name="phonegap-plugin-push" spec="1.6.0">
        <param name="SENDER_ID" value="1:XXXXXXX:android:abcdefghijklmno" />

    Both didn’t work.

    My project details :

    0_1530789304799_Screenshot at Jul 05 16-43-01.png

    Push Plugin Variable added :
    0_1530789349080_Screenshot at Jul 05 16-44-36.png

    Can you help me to make atleast this version work…

  • @khemry Thanks.
    I have found the solution.
    For Cordova 6.5.0, phonegap-plugin-push version 1.10.6 and 1.10.5 are compatible none others does.
    Other versions > 1.10.6 says gradle 4 depreciated.
    Hope, this solution will help someone also.