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OnsenUI "build/debug" documentation needs to be more intuitive and centralized

  • Links to Monca CLI documentation linked from GitHub are 404’d. Add to that the need to provide a concise, centralized, maintained bit of documentation regarding how to build and test apps locally (on device, not web) without the need for Monaca (e.g. using Xcode, or Cordova only).

    I’m becoming more of a fan of what OnsenUI has to offer, but the tools surrounding it can be a bit frustrating. :confounded:

  • Monaca

    @humblecoder Hi the link to the documentation is fixed. It was taken down a few days ago due to some issues.

    Regarding your feedback on Onsen UI documentation for other frameworks, we do have documentation on how to use Onsen UI with Cordova. Though it is true that we don’t mention about how to build and debug because you should be able to find this information on Cordova documentation.