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  • Just starting with Onsen UI. Back in the day I might just set div sections to display: none etc when wanting to develop/design a certain page.

    With Onsen when I am designing in Chrome for UI of a particular page and I refresh, I have to push through all the pages to get check on what I am doing. Currently, all my pages are in one file.

    Hopefully, my question doesn’t totally confuse you. However, does anybody have a good process/suggestion for developing each page?

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    @JP20182018 I agree this is an annoying part of working with a stack-based router as Onsen UI provides. I would recommend having something in your init code during development which will push the page you’re developing immediately upon loading.

    Actually, a similar question actually came up on Github last about using URL based routing to keep the page during reloads. Take a look and see if it might work for you:

  • @asialgearoid Thanks for this. That link helped and gave me some more ideas. Currently I just init a default page. It sort of works although the header/footer navigation is off. Thanks.

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