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iOS Certificate Introduction

  • There are several types of iOS certificates. It is important to understand the role of various iOS certificates in developing iOS apps.

    The following describes the role and application method of several common iOS certificates.

    1, iOS development certificate

    The iOS development certificate is used to test the APP, and is installed in the development process to test the operation of the Apple mobile phone real machine.

    2, iOS release certificate

    When the app develops and tests well, you need to use iOS to publish the certificate. The ipa packaged with the iOS certificate can be uploaded to the App Store for review.

    3, iOS push certificate

    The iOS push certificate is used for push notifications. Usually, the messages we see in the system tray of the mobile phone are push notifications. If you want to do this, you need to configure the push certificate.

    The above three kinds of iOS certificates are commonly used. When you need any function, you know which type of iOS certificate to use.

    The following is a detailed tutorial for the debugging and putting up of the iOS real machine. If you want to debug and put on the APP now, you can refer to it in detail.