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Onsen 2 and React

  • Great work about Onsen 2! As I see it is decoupled from Angular and in theory now it could work with any framework. My question is regarding React. Is there a tutorial, some sample, some additional info about using it with React? At least some best practices?

    Also, some of the JS components still require Angular 1, like for example “ons-split-view” and “ons-sliding-menu”. Do you plan to fully decouple all the components from Angular in the final release, or there will be some Angular exclusive stuff?


  • Onsen UI

    @mishoboss Hello!

    We are currently working in Onsen UI extensions for React and Angular2. I think we will release a usable version of this extension for React within the next two weeks :) After it’s released you will have samples and docs.

    About your second question, in Onsen UI 2.0 there is a new component called ons-splitter that basically combines the sliding menu and the split view. Those two are just maintained in the Angular1 extension for backward compatibility.