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How do we integrate cordova-plugin-admob-free into OnsenUI Vue.js App?

  • How do we include cordova-plugin-admob-free into OnsenUI Vue.js App?

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a tutorial on how to use OnsenUI with other cordova-plugins but wasn’t find anything for my particular use case.

    All I wanted to do was run a test with the following repo to integrate cordova-plugins-admob-free

    Starting Repo

    Cordova Plugin

    I also want to state that I don’t plan on using Monaca yet because I want to test it with Cordova first.

    Currently I have installed the plugin into my repo:

    I’ve tried following the instructions in the cordova plugin but don’t find anything related to how I’m supposed to integrate in Vue.js. I also tried executing their script into a mounted() and script tags. But nothing works and it is giveing the following errors

    Building and running via cordova triggers the following error.

    admob is not found
    Where exactly do we implement in the .vue file the needed portions of the code and how do we properly integrate 3rd party plugins without purchasing monaca?

    Thank you !