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Pass data into ons-template for data-binding (from parent element to child)?

  • Is it possible to pass data to <ons-templates> for data-binding like handlebars.js?
    I’ve seen the angular examples use binding, but I’m using plain javascript.

    Something like specifying data-binding values via the parent element’s data attributes would be ideal:

    <ons-tabbar swipeable position="auto" hide-tabs="true" id="tab">
      <ons-tab label="Tab 1" page="tabTemplate.html" data-pagenumber="555">
    <template id="tabTemplate.html">
      <ons-page class="tabpage">
        <p style="text-align: center;">
         This is page {{data-pagenumber}}.

  • Very interested in this - don’t think its supported without using Angular, React, Vue etc… But if it is, interested to hear approaches…