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Best Practices for Splash Screen

  • So a quick question, what do you guys recommend for making splash screens targeting Android? When you use the Monaca IDE, you just have the res options such as xxxhdpi, etc. Do you recommend creating a 9 patch png, simply your logo in png without a background, or creating a large 1440 x 2560 image and adding it that way? Basically, I am wanting my logo in the center but not on a white background. What is the best way to implement this?


  • Hi @munsterlander
    I don’t know if my choice could be “called” a good practice. But I have made one splash screen for each size. And i have no problem during the process. I’ll send you one package - D. App. So you’ll be able to check if it works to you or not.


    Portrait: 200x320px
    Landscape: 320x200px
    Portrait: 320x480px
    Landscape: 480x320px
    Portrait: 480x800px
    Landscape: 800x480px
    Portrait: 720px1280px
    Landscape: 1280x720px
    Portrait: 960px1600px
    Landscape: 1600x960px
    Portrait: 1280px1920px
    Landscape: 1920x1280px