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Onsen UI on WAMP

  • Hello everyone!!

    I’d like to try Onsen UI and actually I use WAMP on my Windows10’s laptop… it is possible to use Onsen UI 2+Angularjs2+Monaca CLI and develop hybrid apps on WAMP?


  • Onsen UI

    Hi Luigi,

    If you want to build apps for Android and iOS, then you do not need WAMP at all. Onsen UI and Monaca will provide you with everything you need!

    Follow the Monaca CLI tutorial on how to get a project set up. When you are setting up the project using the CLI, you can choose the Onsen UI Angular 2 template. That should help get you started!

  • thanks a lot @asialgearoid for your reply!
    OK then let’s drop WAMP… Just does that Monaca CLI need Eclipse for example to be installed before on Windows platform or just I could go install Monaca CLI directly?

  • Onsen UI

    Nope, you don’t need Eclipse or anything like that. To install Monaca CLI, all you need is npm, which is what you use to install it on the command line.

  • Hello @asialgearoid!!
    Ah but I think this npm is for linux, isn’t ?
    Well, since I’m erally newbie with frameworks and I have more experience with wordpress which is something like a framework and I know with wordpress I can put templates and libraries in a certain directory , so with Onsen UI if I want to use my preferred IDE editor to create an hybrid app (to be compiled on android + iOS) like using also Android Studio, how it should be structured a working directory with Onsen UI and angularjs2 or react or whatever ?
    Thanks for your willingness to explain :-)