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React kitchensink application not refreshing after changing components

  • Hello!

    I’ve taken the react kitchensink application, with the hopes that I will be able to go through it, and understand it, so I can migrate my AngularJS1 app with OnsenUI1 to Onsen UI 2 with React, and learn the React framework, so I can continue developing apps with it.

    I followed the tutorial and all, to the point where I run the “npm run dev” command, which starts up the host.

    I navigate to the URL, and I can see everything works correctly (aside from some warnings in chromes developer console), but as soon as I want to make some changes to the component files, and reload the page, I don’t see any of those changes.
    I tried incognito mode, removing my cache, restarting the computer, re-running the node server, and all that, but nothing helped.

    Any ideas why I get stuck with this?