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React Native problem

  • When following:

    I get a project synced to the online dashboard.
    But when I try to open it, it only shows the Build Settings.

    How can I edit the project in the online IDE like other No-framework-projects or Angular1-projects?

  • OK, I read a bit further into it… installed Android SDK etc… and now can edit and view the result in the AVD/emulator.
    So no editing from the Cloud IDE.

    1. There also are no OnsenUI-controls avalable if I’m correct?
    2. Monaca is solely used for building the apk/ipa in this scenario?

  • Monaca

    @Bassie Any transpilable projects such as VueJS, React & Angular2 are not applicable on Monaca Cloud IDE because transpiling feature is not available at the moment. You will need to use Monaca CLI in the meantimes. When you run monaca remote build command, the content of www folder of the project will be uploaded to the Cloud. In this case, you can only configure the app settings and build the app. You can’t edit the files in the IDE.

    Fortunately, the transpiling support will be released very soon. Please look forward to it!

    Regarding the Onsen UI components, you can either choose one of the available Onsen UI templates or add the Onsen UI library from the IDE itself (see the screenshot below).

    0_1521016282397_Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 5.30.13 PM.png