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monaca transpile problem after version of 12.2.2 the vue-loader

  • Hi everyone,

    As you knows vue-loader 13.3.0 and later versions supporting <template functional>. (

    When i was updated vue-loader greater than 12.2.2 versions i cant transpile the project. Its giving SyntaxError.

    ERROR in app.bundle.js from UglifyJs
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token: name (__vue_script__) [./~/vue-loader!./src/main/Navigator.vue:3,0]
    Project has failed to transpile. Error has occured while transpiling /Users/.../Sites/..... with webpack. Please check the logs.

    I tried changed all <template>'s with <template functional>. But the results are the same.

    Has anyone already used the version greater than 12.2.2?

    Do you have any information about upgrading the vue-loader?

    Without forgetting, the “Vue Onsen UI Kitchen Sink” application uses version of the 12.0.4 too.

    Thanks in advance for everyone.