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vue-onsenui-kitchensink not working with monaca debugger.

  • I was trying to use monaca cli to run monaca debug inside of vue-onsenui-kitchensink but wasn’t able to get the debugger to show the vue-onsenui-kitchensink app.

    The app just freezes after the paring starts. No local projects are shown.

    Was wondering if there are specific steps into adding monaca to work with existing vue.js projects.


  • Monaca

    @rlam3 Before running monaca debug command, you will need to generate the content for www folder first. Here are the steps to properly run vue-onsenui-kitchensink with Monaca Debugger:

    1. Navigate to the project folder.
    2. run npm install to install the dependencies.
    3. run npm run build to generate www folder which will be used for Monaca Debugger and Build server later.
    4. Now, everything is ready. You can run monaca debug.

    Hope this helps!