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Modern reengineering of my Android app

  • I’d like to modernize my Android App on Google Play into a new one, built using Monaca tools. My idea is to integrate Monaca and the free Visual Studio Community edition.
    I am new at Monaca development and I have a few questions.

    1. Can I sell the new app on Google Play or have I to distribute it free?

    2. Does “using Monaca tools” mean that the whole app has to be rewritten in JavaScript, Html5, etc… or is it possibile to build also Android code in a hybrid web/native app?

    Thank you.

  • @giuliohome Welcome to the Onsen Community. To answer in short:

    1. Absolutely - no restrictions on what you do with your app.
    2. Pretty much. If you needed some specific functionality that JS does not provide but your Java code does, then you would need to write a plugin. See the document for more information: a Plugin on Android

    On a side note, I see you are going for Visual Studio. This is a great platform, but I would also highly recommend the free Monaca Cloud IDE to get started. Awesome platform with no configuration concerns as well as iOS builds! What more could you ask for?! :grinning:

  • @munsterlander Thank you very much for your prompt and accurate reply, for the very interesting doc reference to the plugin development (exactly what I was looking for) and your final suggestion about the IDE :smirk: that I’ll try to follow.
    Much appreciated! :smiley: