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Monaca IDE - Version Control with Git

  • I was testing out the new version control beta in Monaca IDE and it works very well. My only issue was being able to delete a repository connection once established. So I made a test repository, connected it to a test project, deleted the repository on github, and now I cannot change the repository connection in Monaca IDE. You get this error:


    Hopefully there is a way to be able to remove the repository connection or update it if the repository has been deleted. I know before I did this, I was able to change the repository name. I was messing around trying to see how to remove the connection once made.


  • Monaca

    @munsterlander thank you for your valuable feedback! As Github integration is still in Beta, there may still be some issues. We will take a look at it and let you know once there will be updates :)

  • @Andi No worries as I know it’s in beta. Just like messing around with all the cool tools and features your guys are creating! :grinning: